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Tyranids Army

Awakening of the Hive Mind: An Overview of Tyranids and Their Miniatures

If you're interested in learning more about one of Warhammer's most deadly factions, you've come to the right place. We'll help you unravel the mysteries of the Hive Mind and teach you everything you need to know about the deadly Tyranids.

What are Tyranids?

Tyranids are these freaky alien swarm creatures from Warhammer 40K. Imagine space locusts with teeth and claws, all controlled by a hive mind. They devour everything for DNA to evolve and adapt. Playing them in the game is like unleashing a monstrous, unstoppable wave of brutal killers!

What is the Tyranid Hive Mind?

The Tyranid Hive Mind is like the brain behind all Tyranids. It's a collective consciousness controlling every Tyranid creature, making them act as one terrifying, super-efficient unit. It's why they're so unstoppable and coordinated, like a perfectly synced alien army. 

Here are the key Tyranid Units 

If you're going to start a quest to dominate the galaxy with the Tyranids, you need to know your key players. All of the Tyranid models have their own unique capabilities. Here's a breakdown of the Tyranid units, briefly describing their strengths and capabilities.


  • Termagants: These are your basic grunts. Picture a bipedal insect, around human size, with a hunched posture and a face only a mother could love. They've got these fleshborer guns – basically living firearms that shoot spiky, flesh-eating bugs. Termagants are usually swarming the enemy, cannon fodder, but they're a nightmare to deal with in large numbers.
  • Hormagaunts: These guys are like Termagants' meaner cousins. They're built for close combat, with longer legs for crazy fast sprints and leaping attacks. They have these scythe-like claws that can tear through armor and flesh. They're all about overwhelming foes in a frenzy of slashes.
  • Genestealers: Ah, the infamous Genestealers. These are your elite shock troops. They look a bit more humanoid but with an alien twist – think elongated limbs and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. They're sneaky fast, and their claws can cut through almost anything. Plus, they have this creepy ability to infiltrate and undermine enemy forces before the main Tyranid swarm hits.

Heavy Support: 

Tyranid Heavy Support units are like the monstrous heavy artillery of the Tyranid army, each uniquely terrifying and incredibly effective at what they do. The heavy support units are some of the most feared tyranid models in a game, and with good reason. Let's break them down:

  • Carnifexes: These are like the tanks of the Tyranid world. Imagine a hulking beast with a thick exoskeleton, powerful limbs, and a head full of deadly bio-weapons. They're incredibly versatile and can be equipped with crushing claws for melee or long-range bio-cannons. In battle, Carnifexes are your go-to for smashing through enemy lines or blasting them from afar.
  • Tyrannofexes: Think of these as the heavy artillery. They're massive, even for Tyranids, with a thick carapace that can shrug off heavy fire. Their most notable feature is the Rupture Cannon, a huge bio-weapon that can tear through tanks like paper. They're slower but perfect for laying down a rain of destructive fire from a distance.
  • Exocrine: This one is like a living howitzer. The Exocrine is a bit less armored than the Tyrannofex but makes up for it with its massive Bio-Plasmic Cannon. It's designed for long-range bombardment, spewing out high-energy plasma to incinerate anything in its path. It's great for softening up enemy units before your main force hits.
  • Biovores: These are more strategic, lobbing spore mines across the battlefield. They're like artillery that seeds the ground with explosive mines that detonate within the enemy's proximity. It is not as direct in combat but fantastic for area denial and controlling the flow of battle.
Tyranid Units

HQ – Intelligence

  • Hive Tyrant: These are the big bosses of the Tyranid army. Imagine a massive, hulking creature with razor-sharp talons and a menacing look. Hive Tyrants are often equipped with monstrous bio-weapons like scything talons, bone swords, or lash whips. They're not just brute force, though; they're also psychic powerhouses, able to control and direct the swarm with their minds.
  • Broodlord: Think of a stealthy, cunning predator. Broodlords are like the special ops of all the Tyranid units. They're incredibly fast, have a knack for close combat, and lead Genestealer packs. They're slimmer than Hive Tyrants but no less deadly, with rending claws that can tear through armor like paper.
  • The Swarmlord: This is the cream of the crop among Tyranid models. The Swarmlord is like a supercharged Hive Tyrant, with enhanced psychic abilities and is even more formidable in combat. It's often seen with four bone sabres, making it a whirlwind of destruction.
  • Tervigon: Picture a living factory for Tyranids. Tervigons spawn Termagants mid-battle and can bolster nearby Tyranid forces. They're massive, bloated creatures that can hold their own in a fight, equipped with crushing claws and stinger salvos.
  • Neurothrope: These are the psychic specialists. Neurothropes are smaller, brain-like creatures floating above the ground. They're essential for their psychic support, able to unleash devastating psychic powers and heal other Tyranid units.
  • Old One Eye: A legendary Carnifex with a unique twist – it has regenerated from fatal wounds, making it tougher and more savage. It's a walking tank with crushing claws capable of demolishing vehicles and structures.

Flying Units

  • Gargoyles: Imagine Termagants with wings, and you've got Gargoyles. These flying nightmares bombard enemies from the sky, spitting out blinding, corrosive venom. They're not super tough, but they're great for harassing and disorienting the enemy.
  • Hive Crone: It's like the aerial terror of the Tyranid army. Picture a dragon-like creature with a sleek, aerodynamic body. It's designed for air supremacy, equipped with tentacle-like tendrils called Wyrmtongues, perfect for shredding enemy aircraft.
  • Harpy: This one's a bit like the Hive Crone but leans more towards ground support. It's got a more bulky body and can unleash a rain of spores that devastate infantry units below. It's often equipped with heavy venom cannons or stranglethorn cannons, making it a nightmare for ground troops.
  • Gargoyle Brood: Imagine a swarm of bat-like creatures. These are smaller than the Hive Crone and Harpy but come in large numbers. They're super agile and can spit blinding venom, making them perfect for harassing enemy units and screening for larger Tyranids.
  • Tyranid Shrike: These are basically winged warriors. They're not as specialized in air combat as the others but offer great versatility. They can swoop down for swift melee attacks or shoot with their bio-weapons, making them a flexible choice in a Tyranid army.

Fast Attack Units

  • Tyranid Gargoyles: These are like airborne infantry, perfect for swarming and harassing enemy units. They're bat-like, with leathery wings and sharp talons, often armed with fleshborers or spinefists. They're great for quickly closing in on enemy positions and creating chaos.
  • Raveners: Think of these as serpentine nightmares. They have elongated bodies, multiple limbs, and they move incredibly fast. They can be equipped with various weapons like rending claws, devourers, and spinefists. Their role is usually to tunnel underground and ambush enemy forces, disrupting their lines.

Elite Units:

  • Hive Guard: These are like the heavy artillery of the Warhammer Tyranid models. They have these thick, chitinous shells and are usually armed with big impaler cannons. These cannons can shoot through walls and don't even need a line of sight! In your Tyranids army, these guys are your go-to for taking out enemy tanks or bunkers.
  • Lictors: Imagine a creature that's all about stealth and assassination. Lictors have this creepy, slender appearance with lots of camouflaging skin that lets them blend into their surroundings. They're perfect for ambushes. Their role in a Tyranids combat patrol is to disrupt enemy lines and take out key targets like commanders or heavy weapons teams.
  • Zoanthropes: These are the psykers of the Tyranids army. They have these large, bulbous heads and are floating most of the time. They're physically weak but incredibly powerful in using psychic energy to blast enemies or bolster your troops. In your Tyranids army, they're like your spellcasters, dealing damage from afar or providing support.

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Want to Paint them Yourself? Here are some of the Best Places to Buy a Complete Tyranid Army

One option is to look at hobby stores in your area. These stores often stock Warhammer 40k Tyranids Miniatures and other products. If you have a look around, you might find some exclusive deals or older models that you might not find online. If you're buying online, these are the best places to buy:

  • Wayland Games: They've got a good range of Tyranid units and box sets like Combat Patrol: Tyranids, Tyranid Warriors, and even the Tyranid Carnifex Brood. Prices are competitive, and they're offering some discounts too. You can check out their Tyranids miniatures section here.
  • Element Games: This place also stocks Tyranid models. They have various options, like the Onslaught Swarm and even the Warhammer 40000: Leviathan set. They're pretty up-to-date with stock and dispatch orders quickly. For more details, you can visit their site here.
  • Firestorm Games: Another great spot for wargamers and collectors. They offer a variety of Tyranid units, including the Tyranids: Biovore / Pyrovore and the Tyranids: Deathleaper. Their prices are fantastic, and they usually have available stock. You can browse their Tyranid collection here.
  • eBay: If you're okay with second-hand or custom orders, eBay has a wide range of options. You can find everything from painted armies to specific units like the Tyranid Combat Patrol. Prices vary, but there are some unique finds. Check out their listings here.

And, of course, Amazon is always an option, but it's more of a mixed bag in terms of specialized inventory.

I hope this helps you out when it comes to building your Tyranid army! Let me know if you need any Tyranid models painting!